Yep that verse from one of my favorite CCM groups, ‘Casting Crowns,’ pretty much sums up who I am in this vast sea of infinite possibilities and yet, I say this with unrelenting hope, because God continually tells me exactly who I am.

I am His!

The hopeless romantic that I am, hopes whoever reads my ramblings, rants and praises, first does some legwork and visits my website and bio. That way, I won’t bore you with back-story of who I am, and why I write fiction novels, presently historical fantasy romances with a Biblical worldview.

I plan to be myself in this writer’s journal. No sugarcoating, unless I happen to be wearing rose-tinted glasses, which can happen to the best of us. This means you’ll get a candid view of Linda Wichman the wife-lover, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and first-time grandmother. More importantly, I hope you find I am someone you can relate to and interact with.

If you read my bio, you know I am a born-again Christian and I don’t wear the title as a gratuitous hood ornament. I make no excuses or apologies for my faith. For with Christ Jesus I can accomplish all things! But without Him I am totally and royally screwed! Yep, it’s that simple. Still, other than being in a personal relationship with the most fantastic, supernatural Keeper of the Stars – otherwise known as Yahweh or Jesus Christ, I’m no different than anybody else on this amazing orbiting orb we call earth. I’m still a sinner who daily makes mistakes, some of them repeatedly. The difference is I have accepted Jesus Christ’s free gift of salvation. I am free of the condemnation that leads others to eternal damnation. Yep, I’m free as an un-caged bird and loving it!

Now, chill, there won’t be any Bible thumping, overbearing in-your-face preaching. That’s not the way Jesus shared his love, nor is it mine. But because God is an intricate part of my existence like breathing and eating, I will share what He’s doing in my life—including the highs and low, and how He loves me where I’m at, even on my bad hair days.

My sincere hope is that by seeing Jesus in me, others will crave the unconditional love and peace I have found through an eternal love affair of my soul that God offers to each and every one of us.

Wow, I’ve no clue where this blog is headed. I originally wanted this to be about the craft of writing, creating, editing, etc., yet, that’s what the majority of published/unpublished writers do when we blog—we yap writing—which is primarily of interest to writers. A humongous, exasperating yawn . . .enough said. Still, I’m no philosopher and won’t attempt such non-fiction exasperations, which give me a headache.

Oh, and if every now and then, I quote one of my favorite television characters, General Jack O’Neill, from Stargate SG-1, deal with it. . .coz everyone else has to. VBG

I hope not only writers and readers skim my musings, but anyone trying to stuff their God-made hole with everything in this world but Who is meant to seal up that void—Jesus Christ.

Oy! A light-bulb moment! Even if you never chose God to be the master of your life, you will indubitably know that when you stumbled across my Blog and met little old me, you met God—because His Holy Spirit lives within my God-shaped hole thus, revealing Himself to you through me. Awesome!

Yeah, that’s about as philosophical as I get.

Aren’t you lucky.

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