Changing Blog Homes

The present Blog photo is one of my favorite places in the world, the Isle of Arran, Scotland!

So, I just posted on my former blog site, loaded tons of friends and writers blog addresses then decided to come to WordPress. The main reason is that I will probably be setting up a new website through WordPress so here I am. I also admit I like the sleeker looking format choices.

Anyways, now I need to let everyone know I’m here instead of there….LOL

Until later my friends,


One Comment on “Changing Blog Homes

  1. Hey, girlfriend! We’ll follow you anywhere in cyberspace!

    I think, seriously, we and a few select others should go to the U.K. I’ve got loads of research to do about 10th century Wales and the Marches. What better place to do it than there? And we’ll definitely travel through Scotland. Think I’ll go pack…


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