Alice In Wonderland – I’m Late!!

Right now I feel like the goofy rabbit in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ running around in circles, jumping down black holes that lead no where, and all the while watching the hands of time tick by me. Sometimes like now, I feel totally out of control. I’m just thankful that God controls the hands of time, because if it were up to me, I’d be late for my own funeral.

I can’t believe how fast the months have flown by since I last blogged. Then again, I’ve been hunkered down with health issues, my daughter and two grandsons moving into our empty nest, crashing memory boards and hard-drives. All of which caused me to identify the importance of how we spend each and every minute of our lives. And how important it is to spend time in God’s holy presence.

Because my strongest artistic ability rests in storytelling, I have to accept that I’ve not done a good job making time to write, let alone staying in touch with the publishing world, and most importantly, my fellow writers and readers.

So, I will make an effort to blog a minimum of twice a week and if I fail, I’d ask whoever wanders across my musings to remind me of that goal. In between I will share what I’m writing and why, and try and encourage others with the same burning desire to stay focused and make time to tell the stories that God has laid upon their hearts.

Until later . . . Linda

6 Comments on “Alice In Wonderland – I’m Late!!

  1. Jumping over from the Midwest loop to say hello. My blog runs so hopelessly behind I like to think people are pleasantly surprised when they find something there! Grin! I’d say you have good reasons for not blogging. Sometimes if we need the time to write, a lot of other things have to be shelved.

  2. Hi Linda!
    I jumped over from the ACFW Midwest post.

    Blogging is tough when life gets crazy and self-discipline is even tougher for me sometimes. I’ve found that when I’m inspired, I write a draft and save it to post on a day when I don’t have anything else. I assume your blog server would allow that too. It’s helped me keep posting regularly so I don’t lose my readers.

    Smiles, Karen

  3. Hey, Linda:
    Thanks for your heartfelt postings on the Midwest loop! Please know my prayers are with you as we walk this often lonely road of writing.
    Let me know if there’s any specific prayers you have, okay?

  4. I’d rather hear you spent your time writing that next Awesome Book, than blogging–nt that I’m not happy to have you back on the Blogosphere!

    By the way, the font is so small here I can hardly read it, even with my Granny glasses.

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