My Blog Header Picture is . . .

. . . Cannon Beach, Oregon!

I need to figure out how to impose the location name of headers….anyone familiar with WordPress speak up now please?

Anyways, this is not far from where my son Chad and his wife Andrea live… in Vancouver, WA which is just across the river from Portland, where our dear friends Ron and Peggy Roloff dwell. And if your wondering, yes, ‘The Ronald and Peggy Roloff’ whose son Matt Roloff is the star of ‘Big People Little World.’ They are a joy and Godsend to have as friends. Sooner or later, I’ll explain how we came to know each other. Otherwise you can check out the “how” on my Shoutlife blog.

Waving at Peg and Ron!

Anyway, the reason this photo is on my site is to remind me of my present writing project, ‘Chasing Sandra Dee,’ a romantic suspense that primarily takes place in Oregon. There’s a major scene on the exact spot of this beach scene. I just love when real life and fiction marry. 🙂

Cannon Beach’s famous Haystack Rock.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Okay, back to real life!


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