Time in a Bottle — Oh, Yes Please??

Don’t you wish they’d bottle time?

I do.

Think of everything we’d accomplish if we could just open a bottle and extract as much time as needed to complete a task or a beloved project. “Alas, time is a pre-measured gift from God that we must never squander.”  Wise words from my deceased father-in-law,  Raymond Wichman.

Honestly, I’ve no time to blog today, let alone write. But I’m trying hard to stick to my plan and blog a minimum of once a week.

So, I received a batch of forms from my agent and completion of said forms is one of my goals. She needs them in order to successfully pitch this author to the editors at upcoming conferences. Of course, I’ll be doing that between diaper changes, a cranky daughter who didn’t sleep well due to a cranky baby, and did I mention the four year old stayed home from preschool because his Asthma kicked in? Of course, he’s better now and is bored out his mind.

Wish the same applied to me.

“Grandma, play with me?” X 100 times, that includes tugging my arm.

How can I say no?

I can’t.

Truth be known I’ve always sucked at time-management. And let’s not count how many courses and workshops I’ve taken on the subject. I failed them all!

Well, off to play, all the while contemplating the $$ of purchasing Time in a Bottle. I need to ask Randy Ingermanson if that’s theoretically possible.  Hey Randy?

Until next time . . .

One Comment on “Time in a Bottle — Oh, Yes Please??

  1. Linda! Great new blog and comments on the Mindflights tour.
    Cannon Beach, huh? That’s where I have a second novel set in a series I’m working!!! I love Cannon Beach–it’s beautiful.

    Give me a ring some time. . .


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