First thing on this fabulous web-zine site to snare the Mad Hatter of this attention deficit bard was the name MINDFLIGHTS. When one considers that penning science fiction and fantasy involves straining every minute cell of our creative and flighty right sided brains, the title seems perfect!

Although the option for different skins amuses me, I prefer one skin because I tend to play with skins instead of reading the stories. I did warn you I’m ADD.

That aside, I’m impressed by the professional format. Most of all, the outstanding talent and variety of contributors. Topics rang from the dangerous job of asteroid mining to a soft-bellied dead porcupine, an image provoking sonnet about Martian weather, and a Banshee’s wail in downtown Brooklyn. Amazing!!!

Meanwhile, please stop over and visit the other tourers taking the fascinating trip through the rich imaginations of the extraordinary writers for MindFlights: The MindFlight Blog Tour list can be found in half way down the left column of my blog page. If I knew how to insert the list in this post I would, but I’m a newbie blogger so I’m learning by trial and error. Lots of errors! If someone wants to advise me, just email me at lwichman1@new.rr.com.

There’s more to comment on and I don’t want to leave out anyone I’ve read the past two days. More to follow. I promise!

Oh, and I’d so appreciate if you’d take a moment and leave a comment on my blog. It lifts my soul!

In His Grip,


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