Delightful Thoughts on Beth Moore & the Desires of our Hearts

Psalm 37:4 ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’

When it comes to understanding the desires of my heart, I am surefooted about a few and trembling in my flip-flops about those I’ve waited on forever. And not just my longing to earn income writing Inspirational novels. I have an aching desire for my beloved family, friends and faceless strangers to experience the freedom and joy that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

This weekend I learned  to embrace ‘ the waiting’ when I attended my first ‘live’ Beth Moore simulcast event in Green Bay, WI. Her live-feed reached over 90,000 people at 519 sites worldwide. I’m still reeling with the glory of the Holy Spirit’s presence and empowerment. Beth made me laugh and cry. I connect intimately with Beth and other women there, but most noticeably with our MIGHTY GOD, JESUS CHRIST. I feel like a MIGHTY WOMAN!

I needed the nudge of a wise woman of God to recognize,  “that beneath the desires of our hearts is the heart of our desires…God. And that God will trump the desires of our hearts if glory and destiny are at stake.”  Thank you, Beth!

Most of all, I learned that no matter what uncomfortable circumstances I find myself thrust into, ”To delight in the Lord,’ to give Him the praise and the glory because He delights in little ol’ me and little ol’ you, so much so, that He waits patiently upon us to desire Him above all other desires! How cool is that?!

Please check out Beth’s blog. Oh, some hilarious trivia. This Texan belle was born in Green Bay! She donned a Packer jersey and a cheese head for us Wisconsinites!


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