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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hey Dorothy Kiss the Scarecrow!

If that got you head spinning then head on over to Kerin Beery’s blog where I’m posted on her mid-month “My Story” spot.   If you’re inclinded please leave a comment for Karin or myself? Every word of encourgement causes another hundred words…

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Do Not Adjust Your Picture!

Please Do Not Adjust your picture or turn the dial?  You haven’t entered,  ‘The Outer Limits’ or  ‘The Twilight  Zone.’ Nope, just this right brainer’s attempt to update her blog. In other words, I’m lost in space! So please excuse the clutter and all lost data?

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Posting at Karin Beery’s Fabulous Blog

Hey, I’m hyped and honored to be on Karin Beery’s February’s Mid-Month “Your Story,” which as Karin recently pointed out, always falls around the 15th of each month. However, since this is February I’m not sure when mid-month falls. Don’t worry, I’ ll wave…

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Outside Inn

I’ve been quiet for a long time–here. Because I write fiction full-time blogging’s not my strong suit, but I’m trying–again. Never say never!    Since publishing my award winning first novel “Legend of the Emerald Rose” I’ve become a Jack of all trades and a…

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