Outside Inn

I’ve been quiet for a long time–here. Because I write fiction full-time blogging’s not my strong suit, but I’m trying–again. Never say never!   

Since publishing my award winning first novel “Legend of the Emerald Rose” I’ve become a Jack of all trades and a master of none in the ever-altering publishing market. A challenge that every writer, whether published or not toally gets.

Anyhow, I’ve returned to my first love of writing and reading Sci-Fi/fantasy romance. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the romance genre. Never! I’m a staunch romantic who loves speculative fiction with serious sparkage between the hero and heroine and happily ever after is a must.  

Speaking of fantasy settings. I accepted a free weekend (timeshare) at the Gardens Gate Resort in the Apostle Islands. And I’m here! Sure, I have to sit through a sales pitch session, but what-the-hey, it’s free! Besides warm clothes, I packed multi-genre good reads that includes: Jill Eileen Smith’s much anticipated Biblical historical “Abigail a Novel,” Cindy Thomson’s nonfiction “Celtic Wisdom” and, Lisa Lickel’s romance “Meander Scar.”

Oh, back to blogging. Be forewarned that Bard at Work is taking on a speculative slant, with of course, much romance. I recently discovered secular author Frank Beddor. I’m hooked on “The Looking Glass Wars” and his sequel “Seeing Redd.” A contemporary spin of the classic, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

Secular fantasy lives!  

Ya know this Gardens Gate Resort is an odd place, very tropical considering we’re in Wisconsin and it’s winter.  And the never-ending buffet and the staff’s warm hospitality have won me over. My private bungalow is called Outside Inn. I feel a bit like Alice–inside out. Curiouser and curiouser.  Umm, was just informed that we (the guests) are going to hike to the farthest gate. The what?

Well, I’ll finish posting after I visit the farthest gate. Hope the resort supplies snowshoes!

4 Comments on “Outside Inn

    • Linda,

      That’s a loaded question with a very loaded answer. So, I’ll spare you. Shorter version (not shortest). God rescued me from a troubled childhood through imagination. Along with youth books like The Black Stallion, I read Grimms fairy tales, Frank Baum, Lewis Carroll, T.H. White (The Once and Future King), H.G. Wells, Jules Vern, and eventually Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. (Somewhere in there, I read Terry Brook and Stephen R. Donaldson….still do.) Oh, Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune,’ which I admit I never finished…but liked the movie.

      Then I read Mary Stewart’s “King Arthur and Merlin series” which lead to blissful mindless romances (which I love!) Marion Zimmer Bradley, “Mists of Avalon” then back to Christian spec authors, Frank Perritti and Stephen Lawhead. Toss into that mix, Star Trek, Dr. Who and my all time favorite Scifi show, Stargate SG-1..with Richard Dean Anderson.

      That said, I enjoy most genres, but preferably with a big dose of romance and there must be humor and most of all, a happy ending! Way more than you asked for huh?

      Bottom line: There are few CBA women spec authors and I’d like to help change that issue. 🙂

    • Hey Lisa, I’m in good company, especially with “Meander Scar.” The getaway part is purely my imagination. Gardens Gate Resort is the fictional setting for my fantasy romance, “The Farthest Gate.” Gotcha!

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