Never Ending Story. . .WordPress versa Blogger

This fiction writer is at a blogger’s crossroad–again. Where to blog when I blog, which I don’t do enough according to PR stats and fellow writers and readers. Most writing buds use Blogger and although I don’t like Blogger’s limited unimaginative themes (skins) I like the community connection, how a blogger can follow any other blogger ASAP and everyone sees who it is . . .Um, must be a self-absorbed artistic thingy, but it works. 🙂  

Any thoughts? I opened a new Blogger link (same as this one as to not confuse you folks) but haven’t a clue how to move my WordPress site there and just continue as always. I wouldn’t mind keeping both sites, but that’d be redundant. 

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3 Comments on “Never Ending Story. . .WordPress versa Blogger

  1. For our sailing blog, I jumped from Blogger to WordPress because of the ability to have more than one page. That meant our website and its domain could handle the whole thing. WordPress very nicely allowed me to import several years worth of blogs as well. Yea!

    My writing blog is still at blogger. Frankly, I like the skin I found there (which says it’s a WordPress theme but WordPress doesn’t know about it and won’t let me download it) so much that I haven’t wanted to mess it up by changing. I also have a writing website that I’ve paid for, so until that runs out, I’m leaving things be. At any rate, with one each, I will definitely be a tester for the two options.

    Some for a visit. I found you versus Linda Glaz, saw the title of your post, and hopped on over.

    Normandie Fischer (the wordpress spot) (talkspot)

    • Normandie, thanks for pipping in on my blogging delimia. I’m presently keeping the WP blog but have started another on Blogger called ‘The Rainbow’s Connection,’ that primarily writing related on SFF romance. And I owe Linda G., a hug! Normandie, you’re a breath of ocean air! In more ways than you can imagine. You blue water sail and write! We used to sail Lake Michigan. I’m hopping over to your sites. Can already hear the creaks and groans of the hull and the wind slapping the sails. 🙂

  2. Dear Linda Wichman,

    Your book “Legend of the Emerald Rose” is hostly one of my top 5 favorite books to read. My name is Amanda. I’m in a wheelchair and was born with Muscular Dystrophy among other goodies. I’ve had quite a flood of surgeries through my 25 years of life. But one of the things I found to help me through pain of all kinds, besides God’s never ending Love/Mercy/Grace, is my love for reading and writing. And your book is one of those book I keep close by my nightstand for whenever I need to truly escape my pain, surroundings and even just my own thoughts sometimes. I’d love to pick your brain on many different subjects, not only as one writer to another but a sister in Christ to another sister in Christ. My head is SO full of all these different story plots and ideas that I wonder how my mind hasn’t blown-up yet! I’ve some questions that have to do with writing and your writing. Above all my problems the beginning of my junior year of high school with more back pain and, very long painful story short, it took my doctors till the summer of my almost graduating from high school for them to find out why. Well they fixed the problem (crushed lower vertebra took over a year for them to figure that out) but that surgery did who-really-knows-what and somehow messed with some touchy nerves who i guess didn’t like the intrusion because after that surgery I developed chronic leg pain and have had it since. Keeping me from college, work, a life I use to have before that day in early August of my Junior year. I’m telling you this not to feel bad for me or to help through me a pity part but because reading is one of my only ways to get away from…me. And your book is one of those books that I love. I always will. Isn’t it amazing how God can use you sometimes? You wrote this fun and fantastic story thinking you were just creating a story, using the gifts God gave you, not knowing how your creation might be used and yet, hundreds miles away you help me and in a way you might not have thought about before.

    Can I ask you a couple quick questions? 😀
    Are you writing anything right now? I’d read in some interviews that you wanted to maybe start a series with Emerald Rose, is this true? How do you write a story. Do you just write whatever chapter/scene that comes to you? Or do you plan out your story from what Chapter 1 will be to Chapter 30 will be, away to keep you organized? What are you top 5 favorite stories you must have near by (christian and/or non christian) and why? If you could write one of the books of the Bible into a novel which one would it be and why?
    I have more questions but I’m getting tiered and can’t think of any at the moment. Maybe later?

    I’m sorry if I’ve just gone on and on and on and writing my own novel into an email to you. Like I said, I have so much stuff crammed into my mind that I’m seriously surprised it hasn’t either blown up or just shut down like an over run computer.

    Thank you for reading this and I really hope to hear from you soon. God Bless you and your family.
    Amanda H.

    P.S. Sorry for the spelling

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