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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Romance and the Supernatural?!

Recently a few multi-pubbed CBA friends visited my new blog and privately shared that they like it, and love me . . .Am I blushing? But they write historical and contemporary romances and hesitate to follow my blog coz of the fantasy elements. Basically what have we in common?…

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Who’s Your Target Audience . . .

Linda, who is your target audience and why?  First subjective answer: Who’ll ever read my stories. Second logical answer: I write for the general market (ABA) with a Christian worldview, not excluding CBA houses open to edgy SF/Fantasy-Romance. And I mean edgy with a sharp blade.  And here’s why: “Even…

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Speculative visa versa SF/Fantasy

From private msgs and blog comments, I figured I best clarify my definition of Speculative Fiction versa SF/Fantasy. In my world, there’s no difference. Anyone who’s heard my answer before forgive the redundancy? I grew up with the ABA genre label of SF/Fantasy that blankets…

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My First Rainbow’s Connection Post

So as not to confuse anyone, besides myself, this blog is directed at authors and readers of edgy speculative (SF/Fantasy) fiction, that includes urban and historical settings. And if you’re into fantasy romance I’ll levitate! Without apology I don’t cater to erotica, horror,…

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