My First Rainbow’s Connection Post

So as not to confuse anyone, besides myself, this blog is directed at authors and readers of edgy speculative (SF/Fantasy) fiction, that includes urban and historical settings. And if you’re into fantasy romance I’ll levitate! Without apology I don’t cater to erotica, horror, vulgarities, the taking of God or His son’s name in vain, etc. Since, I hope YA writers and readers will materialize from time-to-time, please talk nice?

Oh, back to the purpose of this blog.

Drum roll please . . .

All my life I’ve been a lover and a dreamer of romantic adventures with headstrong heroines, tarnished knights, and not enough magic. My favorite books, songs and movies revolve around enchanted waterfalls and the elusive signature of The Keeper of the Stars: rainbows. Hence, it seems purely commonsensical (considering I’ve no left brain) that this weaver of historical legends and far-off worlds takes up residence alongside the emerald banks of the rainbow’s connection.

I’m not sure where I’m headed. After all, it’s about the voyage not the landing, right? Besides, it’s more fun to travel with other dreamers. So, if you dare believe that fairy tales can come true, that dreamers and lovers are intertwined by faith, hope, love and The Star Keeper, you’ve already found the rainbow’s connection.

Come on, you can do it . . . Crack open the gilded-red door, step inside and dream!

8 Comments on “My First Rainbow’s Connection Post

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to answer all these fantastic comments about my new blog, individually. As you can see not much happening with my left brain.

  2. I am excited to hear of you books. One of my close friends and associates has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards, three times. He says that just means he hasn't won yet. His name is Michael McCarthy- and he often writes with Mark McLaughlin. (Monster at the Wheel, Liquid Diet, and has six books coming out this year which brings him up to twenty. He is now about 45 and didn't get published until about five years ago. His first book Liquid Diet was rejected for sixteen years. LOL. Best wishes, keep writing. As I say at the end of my Cable Box Blog, YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, SAY IT.

  3. I never could figure out the difference between speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction (because some fantasy takes place in the future, which is how I think of science fiction). Regardless, I think you site is great. Congratulations on being up and running.

  4. I am wondering about the definition of "speculative fiction." What you describe above sounds more like "fantasy" in some form (i.e., knights, rainbows, etc.), or — as you say — SF/fantasy, but I'm no expert on genres. I have understood "speculative fiction" as being similar to science fiction without the "science" part being paramount — i.e., something like alternative history but in the present or future. I have viewed it as a sort of alternative world-building using features of the world as we know it. If that's not "speculative fiction," then what should it be called? (My latest novel is in that genre, whatever its proper designation is.)

  5. Lovely photo (I want to be there) and intriguing first post! You are off to a great start — consider me a follower!

  6. I second the other comments. Looks great, Linda. Congrats. I'll sign up as a follower. :)Best wishes!Carole B

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