Speculative visa versa SF/Fantasy

From private msgs and blog comments, I figured I best clarify my definition of Speculative Fiction versa SF/Fantasy. In my world, there’s no difference.

Anyone who’s heard my answer before forgive the redundancy?

I grew up with the ABA genre label of SF/Fantasy that blankets every thing outside the normal fiction spectrum whether it’s Narnia, War of the Worlds, Star Trek, Star Wars, legends, etc. The Christian market (CBA) seems to prefer ‘Speculative,’ because it sounds less secular. I think that’s hilarious! πŸ™‚

Unless I missed an update, the Christy Awards and American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) label SF/Fantasy as ‘Speculative Fiction.’

My novels include demons, angels, alternate universes, time-travel, black holes, dwarf stars, weird creatures and aliens. Other than dark horror I read anything considered SF/Fantasy/Spec.

And I’ve written over 50 fan fics for Stargate SG-1 which exposes my love affair with science fiction.

In my humble opinion genre labels are interchangeable, depending on the publishers, and whether you target ABA or CBA . . . Oh, and of course, there’s always the weather.

But then I’m wrong about many things. It’s all part of the voyage. . .

3 Comments on “Speculative visa versa SF/Fantasy

  1. I get confused by all the labels people have nowadays. I just write what God tells me to write, and people can categorize it however they like.

  2. Crystal, I hope the blog opens doors, hearts and minds about this misunderstood genre. God is the creative source of all that's natural and supernatural. He blessed men and women with an inner glimpse of His mind's eye; our imaginations. Thanks for chasing my rainbow… πŸ™‚

  3. I love the speculative/SF/fantasy genre! I've worked with many authors in this genre and it is a favorite of mine to read, too. It's fun that you have this blog and I'll catch you as I can. πŸ™‚

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