Romance and the Supernatural?!

Recently a few multi-pubbed CBA friends visited my new blog and privately shared that they like it, and love me . . .Am I blushing? But they write historical and contemporary romances and hesitate to follow my blog coz of the fantasy elements. Basically what have we in common? My response, a lot! Follow and see? 

Although I’ve an itch to interject the supernatural into my works, that element isn’t what drives my stories, the romance does. I sharpened my baby teeth on authors; Woodiwiss, Gillis, Garwood, McNaught, Rivers, Hunt, Higgs, Windsor, Collins, Kathryn Springer, Gunn, Blackstock and Nelson. Most recently Tyndall, Gist and Lessman. So please don’t throw the babies out with the bathwater?

I’m revising a historical romance with an American circus setting, tentatively called, ‘Promise Her Magic’. It has a romantic, supernatural element; the heroine loses her shoes whenever she kisses the hero and something happens to the hero. . .but that I won’t give away. LOL  

My invitation to follow the Rainbow’s Connection blog goes out to all romance writers and readers, coz romance is magic!

Follow me and I’ll follow you!

10 Comments on “Romance and the Supernatural?!

  1. Wow! I'm surprise this post is still getting feedback, of course, it's coming from Deb whatsherface. Yep, I meant 'Gellis. đŸ™‚ Hey, cut me some slack, girlfriend, ya know I can't spell!As for "Promise Her Magic.' Yeah there's lots of woo-woo and sensual moments. Don't know if the CBA will swallow the woo-woo, even though it's God's woo-woo. Gosh, can I even say 'magic?' Wait this is my blog, so yes, I can! And I'm more than willing to sell to a reputable e-book publisher…Yes, I am evolving … Opps another bad word …Best end while I can. đŸ™‚ Um, Deb, I think I'll copy this reply and blog it. Thanks for your edgy inspiration!

  2. By Gillis, I hope you mean Gellis. She's terrific. I hope you write (and sell!) more romance with a little touch of woo-woo in there. I love that she loses her shoes whenever they kiss! What's happening there? or do we have to wait for its release to find out?

  3. Great post, I love it! She loses her shoes…lol. Good luck with the story…and Linda got it right. It's all about the romance no matter what the storyline is.I have a shape shifter romance that's being released in October so I can understand the appeal of things supernatural.

  4. What could be a more "natural" combination than supernatural romance? There's something a bit magical about romance…

  5. Anen, doesn't matter what setting the romance has, only the look, the touch, the kiss. Ah yes, the romance…

  6. Hey Lisa,You sure did! :)As for Sandra Dee, gosh, I hope that fun series one day sells, along with my other Works. Right now, I need an agent who's okay with my supernatural potions, I mean notions…LOL

  7. No kidding – and I had a moment like that in my first mystery, right?And what happened to the Sandra Dee series thing you were writing?

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