Giveaway ‘Legend of the Emerald Rose’ at Carole Brown’s Blog

Good morning campers!

Carole Brown

ACFW blogger, Carole Brown, was gracious enough today to interview this whacked, edgy novelist with sparkling eyecandy! TWO autographed copies of Legend of the Emerald Rose. ONE book per winner. Your comments qualify for the book drawings. Already got a copy? Bless you! LER makes a great gift for fans of romantic Arthurian legend, blood-carpeted battlefields, Biblical angels, hellish demons, sorcery and of course, a fiery romance with a happily-ever-after ‘The End!’ I promise!
Freebies aside, I hope my candid interview encourages anyone knighted with the tongue of storytelling and the stubbornness of a little ole ant!
And Carole, thanks for having me at Sunnybanks. What a glorious place!
Now everybody hightail over to Carole’s fantastic blog spot and please leave a comment? Lord knows (Yes, He does) that every insane wordsmith needs to share words!

2 Comments on “Giveaway ‘Legend of the Emerald Rose’ at Carole Brown’s Blog

  1. Carole, So that was the explosion I heard before? As for advertizing, thanks for the compliment. I'm better promoting other writers than I am at promoting myself. Hmmm….

  2. LOL. I feel my head swelling. Whooee. Can I hire you as my whatever-you-call-it advertiser? :)Keep checking, cause I think you'll get lots of comments . . .CB

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