Purple People-Pleezer Steampunked!

Why do most authors feel the need to explain themselves, especially their absence from social networking? Coz, whether we’re introverts or extroverts many writers are purple people pleezers. We hold our breath until we hear, “Oh, fine. Whatever. I forgive your inconsiderate, lack of social networking graces.” Is that an atrocious grammatical whoops, General Editor, Normandie Ward Fischer? (Unapologetic plug for Wayside Press. http://waysidepress.blogspot.com/) Um no, Normandie, you don’t have to edit this post? I’m just messing with ya, deary!  

Gosh, I care what people think, even people who don’t know me from Eve. Sheeze, how pathetic? Even if I had life threatening brain surgery I’d explain (in living color) and grovel for your mercy. That said, I’ll take the advice of my cyber friends who faithfully blog, network and publish several novels a year–Really?!

“Linda, don’t grovel. Don’t explain personal details (remember–lurking weirdos). Just get back to doing what you do, write award winning novels and yap online.”

In all seriousness, guys and dolls, life’s curve balls have kept me incognito. God is faithful! Coz, here I am! I don’t know if this will be the first of several posts or one of none. Either way, no more apologies–just, “Hey, Lucy, I’m home!”

Newest Whazup: Besides researching Indie and self-publishing options, I am delving into the SF/Fantasy sub-genre, YA Steampunk. Not sure if my WIP is considered true-blood Steampunk fiction, but Victorian SP settings makes me crave H.G. Wells, Jules Vern, etc.

Okay, life is hoovering over my shoulder. His subtext name is, the retired husband–pray for me, oh and for him too?!

I’ll have more to share about my adventures of penning Steampunk. Promise!  

2 Comments on “Purple People-Pleezer Steampunked!

  1. Sweet Maureen, we must do something about our miss-crossed paths, like the cyber-phone or Skype! LOL Honestly, I miss you, girlfriend! Thanks for 'liking' my latest attempt to realign with writers and life. 'Mushy smack' 🙂

  2. Hey, Linda, so glad to see you in cyberspace! Evidently our paths haven't been crossing much lately, but I love this new blog of yours. It looks great, and the content promises to be wonderful because of your untamed muse mixed with gusty honesty! I just love your phrasing…

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