STAY-TUNED. . .FOR 2012!!

Guess what? I’m working on a new website–and this ain’t it. <Snicker> But I’ll be hanging around awhile longer. So bear with me, guys,  as I revise and update this site, including photos, roll call…all that fluffy stuff that goes on the sidebars, etc. Apparently, I lost data when I moved from Blogger back to WordPress. Oh, well–don’t worry! Be Happy! ‘Bard at Work’ will most likely become my website blog. We’ll see how that works out. Information dump: The blog background drawing that you’re looking at is the creative work of my talented son, Chad Wichman. For those who read, LEGEND OF THE EMERALD ROSE, yep that’s the map of the Isle of Arran from the book’s insert! I’m such a proud mom! Wish I had more to say and share. As soon as I do you’ll all be the first to know.  Promise! PS: I hope everyone is writing their brains out!

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