BRIAR’S ROSE–The Legend Continues . . .The Truth Prevails

No whimsical words of wisdom, no lame excuses for not writing, because I am writing!

God gave me a reprieve from pain–a window of opportunity. So my #1 priority is to keep my promises; complete and publish THE EMERALD ROSE book series.

Without sharing more than any author should, I am revising book #2 of my multi-award winning LEGEND OF THE EMERALD ROSE. 700 years later the Pendragon legacy continues on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

BRIAR’S ROSE is set in 1190 A.D., during the 3rd Crusade and targeted for a 2015 release. Yeah, it’s a ways out there, but I’m allowing for life interruptions and the learning curve of self-publishing. After all, it’s been 9 years since LEGEND OF THE EMERALD ROSE debuted.

Please grant me a wee more grace as I polish the ongoing saga that includes the Breath of Eden (telepathy), sorcery, time-travel and cameo appearances by endearing and not-so-endearing characters from LEGEND OF THE EMERALD ROSE, including the Stewart clan’s ever patient, guardian angel, Tomas.   

I will keep you updated and hope to reconnect with former LER friends while making new ones. Oh, here’s what else to expect in BRIAR’S ROSE; action, adventure, historic events, angst, humor and more importantly passionate romance!  

I’ve great hopes that when BRIAR’S ROSE debuts, you’ll fall head-over-heels for Tamar Pendragon fitz Alan and Somerled mac Gillebride as they reluctantly unite forces to protect the prophetic legacy of the Emerald Rose.  

16 Comments on “BRIAR’S ROSE–The Legend Continues . . .The Truth Prevails

    • Hi Alizabeth! Oh, my word! I almost missed your delightful comment about Briar’s Rose. Thank’s for happily raising heart rate! Now I don’t have to my speed walk!! LOL Due to chronic health issues, Briar Rose’s release date is pending, and more likely be in 2015. I hope you keep an eye out for the big day’s annoucement!! “Until Heaven. . . .”

  1. I’ve been privileged to read portions of the Briar’s Rose MS and it is delightful! I’m so excited to read the whole thing. Thank you Linda, you’re launched on giving us another great read!

    • And I’ve been privileged to read portions of your books! Pat, you’re one of my long-suffering critique partners. Don’t know how I wrote LER and now Briar’s Rose without you! Thanks for being apart of this fantastic writing journey.

  2. The “Legend of The Emerald Rose,” was and is a must read. Once I started I could not put it down. I am very excited about this book. Can’t wait!

    • Em, so glad to share the thrill with you! I love getting reacquainted with the Stewart(d)clan! Having full liberty with Shadoe and Rayn’s descendants is spiritually energizing! It’s going to be fun write!

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