2018! Really? I Missed an Entire Year?

To anyone who stumbled across my outdated blog–yep this one. And I mean stumbled because no one is intentionally looking for Lindawichman.com.

Hence my humility post.

“Apparently, I failed to blog even once last year,” gasps and hangs head in shame. “So um, gals and guys, I promise to blog more often in 2018. Really. Truly. Cross my heart and hope to stumble over dead if I lied,” while I plop two peppermint, chocolate-covered pecan clusters in my mouth and–,”Help! I’m choking!”

PS: I’m fine. My blood sugar. . . not so much.

2 Comments on “2018! Really? I Missed an Entire Year?

    • You’re doing better to than me. Sometimes out of guilt, I dip my pen into chocolate ink and muse that I should be blogging. Instead, I plop whipped cream onto my WIP and top it with a cherry. Great, now I’m hungry. So much for blogging. LOL

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