Linda Wichman

Category: Young Adult/New Adult fantasy

A Writers Community Endorsement I’ve been struggling to resurrect my muse and revise the, Legend of the Emerald Rose series. Recently, I joined the dynamic writers community¬† Since then my muse has scurried out from beneath its dusty doormat….

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Spiritual Warfare Research

Like most serious authors I do extensive topic research and love unearthing nuggets of knowledge. In this post, I touch on some of the spiritual beliefs practiced in my Emerald Rose series. I hope to hear both sides of the…

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BRIAR’S ROSE–The Legend Continues . . .The Truth Prevails

No whimsical words of wisdom, no lame excuses for not writing, because I am writing! God gave me a reprieve from pain–a window of opportunity. So my #1 priority is to keep my promises; complete and publish THE EMERALD ROSE…

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