Welcome – ‘Fàilte

A wee curious about me, are ya now?

Well, the last time I put any serious thought into that question, I fell asleep. Yep, that’s how boring I am to myself. But what goes on in my fron, well that’s another story or stories, if you will. See I am a writer on the fringe of infinity. I write stories that dreams are made of; where the unimaginable becomes tangible, where donkeys’ talk and the blare of trumpets tumble an entire city. Yep, I’m a teller of tall tales. Or am I? Um, there should be a transitional sentence here. But there isn’t. So, if you binge on lighthearted cynicism and gutsy honesty about this romance writer’s not-so-cynical life, and want to explore more of my untamed muse and newest works in progress, transport yourself here to my website, grab a stool and rest awhile.

Until Heaven, my friends, I’ll tip my cap to The Keeper of the Stars!

Thank you – ‘Tapdh leat’

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