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Speculative visa versa SF/Fantasy

From private msgs and blog comments, I figured I best clarify my definition of Speculative Fiction versa SF/Fantasy. In my world, there’s no difference.

Anyone who’s heard my answer before forgive the redundancy?

I grew up with the ABA genre label of SF/Fantasy that blankets every thing outside the normal fiction spectrum whether it’s Narnia, War of the Worlds, Star Trek, Star Wars, legends, etc. The Christian market (CBA) seems to prefer ‘Speculative,’ because it sounds less secular. I think that’s hilarious! 🙂

Unless I missed an update, the Christy Awards and American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) label SF/Fantasy as ‘Speculative Fiction.’

My novels include demons, angels, alternate universes, time-travel, black holes, dwarf stars, weird creatures and aliens. Other than dark horror I read anything considered SF/Fantasy/Spec.

And I’ve written over 50 fan fics for Stargate SG-1 which exposes my love affair with science fiction.

In my humble opinion genre labels are interchangeable, depending on the publishers, and whether you target ABA or CBA . . . Oh, and of course, there’s always the weather.

But then I’m wrong about many things. It’s all part of the voyage. . .

My First Rainbow’s Connection Post

So as not to confuse anyone, besides myself, this blog is directed at authors and readers of edgy speculative (SF/Fantasy) fiction, that includes urban and historical settings. And if you’re into fantasy romance I’ll levitate! Without apology I don’t cater to erotica, horror, vulgarities, the taking of God or His son’s name in vain, etc. Since, I hope YA writers and readers will materialize from time-to-time, please talk nice?

Oh, back to the purpose of this blog.

Drum roll please . . .

All my life I’ve been a lover and a dreamer of romantic adventures with headstrong heroines, tarnished knights, and not enough magic. My favorite books, songs and movies revolve around enchanted waterfalls and the elusive signature of The Keeper of the Stars: rainbows. Hence, it seems purely commonsensical (considering I’ve no left brain) that this weaver of historical legends and far-off worlds takes up residence alongside the emerald banks of the rainbow’s connection.

I’m not sure where I’m headed. After all, it’s about the voyage not the landing, right? Besides, it’s more fun to travel with other dreamers. So, if you dare believe that fairy tales can come true, that dreamers and lovers are intertwined by faith, hope, love and The Star Keeper, you’ve already found the rainbow’s connection.

Come on, you can do it . . . Crack open the gilded-red door, step inside and dream!

Never Ending Story. . .WordPress versa Blogger

This fiction writer is at a blogger’s crossroad–again. Where to blog when I blog, which I don’t do enough according to PR stats and fellow writers and readers. Most writing buds use Blogger and although I don’t like Blogger’s limited unimaginative themes (skins) I like the community connection, how a blogger can follow any other blogger ASAP and everyone sees who it is . . .Um, must be a self-absorbed artistic thingy, but it works. 🙂  

Any thoughts? I opened a new Blogger link (same as this one as to not confuse you folks) but haven’t a clue how to move my WordPress site there and just continue as always. I wouldn’t mind keeping both sites, but that’d be redundant. 

Bard at Work

Hey Dorothy Kiss the Scarecrow!

If that got you head spinning then head on over to Kerin Beery’s blog where I’m posted on her mid-month “My Story” spot.  

If you’re inclinded please leave a comment for Karin or myself? Every word of encourgement causes another hundred words to flow from our imaginations to paper!

Do Not Adjust Your Picture!

Please Do Not Adjust your picture or turn the dial?  You haven’t entered,  ‘The Outer Limits’ or  ‘The Twilight  Zone.’ Nope, just this right brainer’s attempt to update her blog. In other words, I’m lost in space! So please excuse the clutter and all lost data?

Posting at Karin Beery’s Fabulous Blog

Hey, I’m hyped and honored to be on Karin Beery’s February’s Mid-Month “Your Story,” which as Karin recently pointed out, always falls around the 15th of each month. However, since this is February I’m not sure when mid-month falls. Don’t worry, I’ ll wave a flag when she runs my post!

For now, head on over to Karin’s blog and check her out! She makes me think, laugh, cry and most of all, write! You can find her at:

Outside Inn

I’ve been quiet for a long time–here. Because I write fiction full-time blogging’s not my strong suit, but I’m trying–again. Never say never!   

Since publishing my award winning first novel “Legend of the Emerald Rose” I’ve become a Jack of all trades and a master of none in the ever-altering publishing market. A challenge that every writer, whether published or not toally gets.

Anyhow, I’ve returned to my first love of writing and reading Sci-Fi/fantasy romance. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the romance genre. Never! I’m a staunch romantic who loves speculative fiction with serious sparkage between the hero and heroine and happily ever after is a must.  

Speaking of fantasy settings. I accepted a free weekend (timeshare) at the Gardens Gate Resort in the Apostle Islands. And I’m here! Sure, I have to sit through a sales pitch session, but what-the-hey, it’s free! Besides warm clothes, I packed multi-genre good reads that includes: Jill Eileen Smith’s much anticipated Biblical historical “Abigail a Novel,” Cindy Thomson’s nonfiction “Celtic Wisdom” and, Lisa Lickel’s romance “Meander Scar.”

Oh, back to blogging. Be forewarned that Bard at Work is taking on a speculative slant, with of course, much romance. I recently discovered secular author Frank Beddor. I’m hooked on “The Looking Glass Wars” and his sequel “Seeing Redd.” A contemporary spin of the classic, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

Secular fantasy lives!  

Ya know this Gardens Gate Resort is an odd place, very tropical considering we’re in Wisconsin and it’s winter.  And the never-ending buffet and the staff’s warm hospitality have won me over. My private bungalow is called Outside Inn. I feel a bit like Alice–inside out. Curiouser and curiouser.  Umm, was just informed that we (the guests) are going to hike to the farthest gate. The what?

Well, I’ll finish posting after I visit the farthest gate. Hope the resort supplies snowshoes!

This is a Test of Your Local Broadcast System

As usual, the enemy’s up to no good, and keeps sidetracking me from the perfection of God, the good that God has and will continue to do through me.

So, I’m down on my battered knees asking for Almighty God’s direction and remembering: ” This is a test of your local broadcast system, this is only a test. . . Repeat…This is only a test!”

May God grant me the faith and fortitude to pass through the fires. And may He do the same for each of you, no matter what doubts or distractions the enemy tosses into your path.

This day and everyday let’s remember the words of Philippians 4:13 ‘For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.’

So anyone else on their knees?

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